Stamas sponsors Peter A. Pettalia Memorial Act amendment

Sen. Jim Stamas

Sen. Jim Stamas

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Jim Stamas on Tuesday sponsored an amendment to House Bill 5447 to name the section the Peter A. Pettalia Memorial Act if the bill is signed into law.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Peter Pettalia, R-Presque Isle, who was killed in a motorcycle crash on his way to session in September.

“Improving the process for fundraising license plates in Michigan was a priority for Representative Pettalia,” said Stamas, R-Midland. “It is an honor to recognize Pete’s work and his memorial with this amendment. While we do this to pay tribute to a fallen friend, I hope Pete’s wife Karen and their family will understand how much Pete was loved and respected by his colleagues.”

HB 5447 would cap the number of fundraising plates available at any one time to 20. The limit would not apply to a fundraising plate currently available, so long as the plate complies with the requirements of the law.

“This is excellent legislation that balances safety on our roads with the ability to help Michigan drivers donate to worthy causes,” Stamas said. “Limiting the number of fundraising plates would make it easier for law enforcement to identify the plates on the road and help keep the support to these causes sustainable. I look forward to seeing the Peter A. Pettalia Memorial Act quickly signed into law.”

The Michigan Senate adopted Stamas’ amendment and approved HB 5447. The bill now heads back to the House for concurrence and is expected to then be sent to the governor to be signed.