Stamas resolution recognizes Iosco County as a premier birding destination

LANSING—Sen. Jim Stamas introduced a resolution on Tuesday to recognize Iosco County as a premier birding destination in the state of Michigan.

“This is about celebrating the outstanding bird-watching opportunities along Michigan’s Sunrise Coast and increasing tourism throughout the region,” said Stamas, R-Midland. “Recognizing Iosco County as a premier birding destination in Michigan is well-deserved. The Tawas Point Birding Festival in May attracts avid bird watchers every year from around the world, and the new Sunrise Coast Birding Trail was recently opened to help bring even more birding enthusiasts to Northern Michigan.”

The Sunrise Coast Birding Trail originates in Iosco County and travels 150 miles along Lake Huron up to Mackinaw City.

Senate Resolution 51 notes that Iosco County has three areas designated by the National Audubon Society as Important Birding Areas, defined as areas providing essential habitat for one or more species of breeding, wintering and/or migrating birds.

“Iosco County offers a collection of rare bird watching that ranks it among the nation’s top birding areas,” Stamas said. “I encourage Michigan families to come out and see a large nesting population of bald eagles or the state’s largest concentration of the endangered Kirtland’s warbler or a wide variety of other birds that stop in the area.”

SR 51 notes that Iosco County also provides habitat for wintering trumpeter swans and nesting habitat for osprey and has the only identified nesting populations of the endangered piping plover on the U.S. side of Lake Huron.

The resolution has been referred to the Senate Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Committee, which is expected to consider the measure on Wednesday.