Stamas bill would improve property tax assessment system

Sen. Jim Stamas

Sen. Jim Stamas

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Jim Stamas on Wednesday introduced legislation to improve the quality and consistency of property assessments in Michigan while preserving local control.

“As a former township and county official, I know the importance of having an accurate assessment system, and I look forward to working with those in the field to get it right for the long-term benefit of both taxpayers and our communities,” said Stamas, R-Midland. “The goal is to ensure accurate, uniform and equitable assessments throughout the state and maintain local decisions on how to best perform assessing duties. This is just the start of the process.”

Senate Bill 1025 would establish statewide assessing quality standards and provide training to increase the pool of advanced-level and master-level assessors. Local governments could meet the standards on their own or in conjunction with other local governments.

“Everyone from homeowners to small businesses and from local governments to schools depends on a fair and effective assessment system,” Stamas said. “This legislation would make significant improvements to the current system by implementing best practices and standards.”

State Treasurer Nick Khouri said, “I thank Senator Stamas for taking up this important topic and introducing his bill. Restoring taxpayer faith in the property tax system continues Michigan’s comeback in an increasingly competitive marketplace. I look forward to working with our legislative and local government partners as we develop a framework that results in accurate property tax assessments statewide.”

SB 1025 has been sent to the Senate Finance Committee for consideration.

Rep. Jim Lower, R-Cedar Lake, has introduced similar legislation in the House of Representatives.