Stamas, Ananich comment on ongoing work on Flint water joint committee report

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Jim Stamas, R-Midland, and Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich, D-Flint, on Friday issued statements regarding the ongoing work on the Joint Committee on Flint Public Health Emergency report.

“My colleagues and I met over several weeks and took testimony from a number of individuals with various ties to the crisis in Flint. We are now in the midst of the policy development phase of this process. Legislators and staff are engaged in ongoing discussions on how to reform existing laws and identify opportunities for improvement in all areas of government. It is my intent to issue a bipartisan, bicameral report of the entire committee in the future,” said Stamas, chairman of the committee.

“The families in Flint and citizens all across Michigan deserve a state that once again prioritizes public health. We have an opportunity to restore some of the public trust, but to do so we must work together to make meaningful, comprehensive changes to this broken system,” said Ananich, vice-chairman of the committee.

“This has been a thoughtful and thorough committee process and the policy development phase will continue in the same manner. The circumstances in Flint highlight a need for change in a variety of areas, including reforming the current emergency manager law; updating infrastructure; improving communication and culture in state government; reforming bureaucracy to ensure public health and safety are paramount; and asking more of our federal counterparts when it comes to our state’s infrastructure needs,” Stamas said.

The Joint Committee on Flint Water Public Health Emergency met six times over the course of two months. The committee heard from 61 presenters and received more than 60 hours of testimony.

Information related to the committee can be reviewed online via the committee website at