Celebrating Community Action Agency Month

Michigan’s community action agencies promote economic stability and build stronger communities by helping struggling families improve their lives, become self-sufficient and achieve the American dream.

The Michigan Senate approved my resolution declaring May 2017 as Community Action Agency Month. It is a time to raise awareness of these great organizations and to express our appreciation for all the tremendous work that they do every day to help those in need. Our community action agencies provide local services that directly impact the lives of thousands of people each year. It is hard to imagine where we would be without their dedication and compassion.

Senate Resolution 58 states that Michigan’s 29 community action agencies (CAAs) in 2016 served 168,377 Michigan residents, including 83,538 families, by providing early childhood education, Head Start, senior services, affordable housing, food assistance, energy assistance, financial literacy classes, job training programs and other services.

According to the resolution, Michigan’s CAAs are the only community-based organizations providing full wraparound, locally directed services in all 83 counties in the state, and they have leveraged public and private funding sources to foster more than $333 million in economic activity statewide in 2016.

In addition to providing critical food and heating assistance, our community action agencies will continue to play an important role in improving our state and bringing new opportunities to all Michigan residents.